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With easy structure and different options, You can show your pins

[felix profile_username="your username"]
Option Description Values Default

Profile settings

profile_username Insert username of a Pinterest to display its information (boards, pins, followers) in the plugin. String null
profile_full_name Custom full name.You can show any full name for it full name String null
show_profile_image Show or hide user image true | false true
show_profile_name Show or hide user full name true | false true
show_profile_location Show or hide user location information true | false true
show_profile_desc Show or hide user description true | false true
show_profile_board_tab Show or hide user's boards tab of user information true | false true
show_profile_pin_tabs Show or hide user's pins tab of user information true | false true
show_profile_followers_tab Show or hide user's followers tab of user information true | false true
show_profile_follow_button Show follow button in user profile true | false true
profile_clickable If this option is true users can click user name and return main page of plugin true | false true

Board settings

board_slug You can set board name .For example :
Link is like this : You should set this option 'cidcode'
If you want show users all boards you should set 'all' value
String all
board_name Custom board name String null
show_board_name Show or hide board's name true | false true
show_board_desc Show or hide board's description true | false true

Pin settings

show_pin_save_button Show save button when save button shows pin hover true | false true
show_pin_repin_count Show repin count in pin's description true | false true
show_pin_like_count Show like count in pin's description true | false true
pin_width Change pin width Integer 237
enable_pin_popup If this option is true when click any pin you can show pin information in popup window
If this option is false when click pin you can show pin information in pinterest web site
true | false true
pin_image_effect You can show Intagram Image Filters when pin's hover aden | reyes | perpetua | inkwell | toaster|
walden | hudson | gingham | mayfair |
lofi | xpro2 | _1977 | brooklyn |
nashville | lark | moon | clarendon |
willow | earlybird | lark | rise | slumber

Widget settings

widget_width Change widget width String auto
widget_height Change widget height String auto

Global settings

show_header Show plugin's header bar true | false true
lang Change plugin's language en - English
ru - Русский
tr - Türkçe
de - Deutsch
it - Italiano
es - Español
fr - Français
pt - Português
zh-TW - 日本語
scroll_effect Show your data special animation effect's. basic - Basic
bounce - Bounce
slideRightLeft - Slide from right to left
slideLeftRight - Slide from left to right
flip - Flip
transformation - Transformation
slideDownUp - Slide from down to up
slideUpDown - Slide from up to down

Color's settings

header_bg_color Change header background color String #FFF
content_bg_color Change content background color String #E9E9E9
loading_color_1 In the loading has 2 colors.This option change loading color 1 String #CA1C21
loading_color_2 In the loading has 2 colors.This option change loading color 2 String #E7E7E7